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At Daniel Hood Roofing Systems, we provide quality repair, stellar customer service and a job well done … guaranteed.

If you need roof repair, we are your one stop to get the job done right and on time.

If you need full roofing system replacement, Daniel Hood Roofing System will guarantee that roofing system for 50 years! That roofing system covers materials and labor!

Daniel Hood Roofing Systems is “Weather Tough and Barefoot Approved”!

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Eugene Barnes
The roofers were very professional. My job was not a big job, but when they found an unexpected problem, the repaired it not just cover it up. After finishing the roof, they did a great job cleaning up. All this for a great price and great guarantee. Daniel Hood Roofing, very professional.
bill boring
Few weeks ago when we had those big thunderstorms roll through I found out i had a leak! I've heard Daniel Hood on the radio before talk about his work and I've met him a couple times. I call Daniel Hood Roofing and I spoke directly with him. He asks for some information of my home and the symptoms and he tells me it's probably a pipe boot and it's leaking down into the attic. Well, i climbed up in the attic and sure enough it was a PVC pipe going up through the roof! He comes over WITHIN THE HOUR and takes out a ladder and hops on the roof to show me exactly what we're dealing with and what the remedy would be. I tell him that I am actually leaving out of town for a trip and he tells me not to worry and that him and his team will get the work done. I come back from my trip to all new pipe boots and a dry ceiling. Absolutely thrilled to have found an honest and hardworking resource that i can count on in East Tennessee. Like that Darius Rucker song goes! "I think i got it made. I got a roof over my head!"